The commune has a varied climate due to its geographical position and altitude Average annual air temperature range of about 6-7 ° C, the average air temperature in the warmest month of July is 16.7 º C in the coldest month of January - 3.3 ° C. The duration of the growing season (when the number of days with an average daily temperature is not less than 5 ° C), lasts 180-220 days. The length of the period without lasts for nearly 125 days, spring frosts are very frequent phenomena. Occur mainly in May and sometimes even at the beginning of June. Autumn frosts usually begin in the first decade of October, but sometimes appear in the second half of September. There are frequent sudden changes in weather, haze and large temperature fluctuations. Are cool and rainy spring and summer, while the relatively mild winter. Snow in arrears from late November to March.