The region of Wadowice offers a lot of possibilities of resting. Every visitor finds something to satisfy her or his taste. The offer of the rest for the active tourists:

Indoor and outdoor swimming pools 
If you like spending your free time on the water madness you can  use the offer of The Indoor Swimming Pool Delfin in Wadowice.The swimming pool has among others sporting and recreational swimming pools, 75 meter water slide,  jacuzzi, finnisch sauna and for kids 'the Snake' water slide, tel. +48 33 873 29 72, ul. Bałysa 1, 34-100 Wadowice,

Other indoor swimming pools you can find also in Młyn Jacek Hotel&Spa,  tel. +48 33 873 40 80, Jaroszowice 234, (ca. 5 km from the main square in Wadowice) and Kocierz Hotel&Spa, tel. +48 33 875 06 00, ul.Beskidzka 206, Targanice, 34-120 Andrychów (ca. 23 km from the main square in Wadowice). During sunny summer days we invite to outdoor swimming pool in Andrychów, tel. +48 33 875 21 53, 6 av. Wietrznego, (ca. 12 km from the main square in Wadowice) and swimming pool and aquapark in Kocierz Hotel&Spa, tel. +48 33 875 06 00, ul. Beskidzka 206, Targanice, 34-120 Andrychów (ca. 23 km from the main square in Wadowice). 

The Orlik -  sports fields  
We invite all lovers of the active recreation for free use of the complex of sports fields, which is located at ul.Błonie 2 at the stadium MKS The Skawa in Wadowice. There are playgrounds for football, volleyball and basketball. Reservations The Orlik at phone: +48 888 508 677.

Tennis court
Tennis is a sport for everyone. Therefore, if you have some free time and an excess of energy you can go ahead on our tennis courts. The public tennis courts are located in the Town Park (at al. Wolności) and at the Public School no. 2 (ul. Zegadłowicza 36).


The bike rentals
Riding a bike is freedom, health and fun - allows you to see much more on your own regardless of age and condition. If you want to feel the rush of fresh air we invite you to our bike rental located at our office at ul. Kościelna 4. Willingness of renting a bike please notify two days in advance at tel. +48 33 873 23 65 or email: Terms Bike Hire. Information about the bike trails in our area you can find on our website. Bicycles can also be rented in: kajaki-na-Skawie, tel. +48 608 093 166,, the Młyn Jacek Hotel&Spa, tel. +48 33 873 40 80, Jaroszowice 234, (ca. 5 km from the main square in Wadowice, bicycles available for accommodated guests only), the Tourist Information Centre in Stryszów, tel. +48 33 879 79 31, Stryszów 553, (ca. 14 km from the main square in Wadowice) and at the Town Bike Rentals in Sucha Beskidzka - The Town Museum, tel. +48 33 874 26 05, ul. Zamkowa 1, (ca. 21 km from the main square in Wadowice).

kajaki na skawie

The canoe rental
At Venice in Wadowice, just across the bridge over the river Skawa there is a marina and canoe rental. Company the kajaki-na-Skawie also offers kayak school for kids and teenagers. For more information visit: , tel.+48 608 093 166. Kayaks can also be rented from the Company "Kajaki na Wisle" which also offers: organization of canoeing with an instructor, etc. For more information visit: , phone +48 600 075 079.

The horse stables
The Horse lovers will also find something for themselves. In Wadowice at ul. Wojska Polskiego 17 is located horse stable The Jupiter, tel. +48 602-684-716 / 889-972-200,, which leads not only learning to ride a horse, but also classes in hippotherapy. Nearby Wadowice there is The Agrotourist Farm Stable Grudki (ca. 10 km km from the main square in Wadowice), tel. +48 33 879 46 86, ul. Kolejowa 21, 34-103 Woźniki,, offering also recreational horses and horse riding lessons. You can ride on horseback also at The Stable Calvado, tel. +48 600 130 285, ul. Turystyczna 139B, 32-120 Sulkowice, (ca. 20 km km from the main square in Wadowice) and in Ranczo w Dolinie Karpia, + 48 504 298 436, ul. Górki 125, 34-116 Spytkowice, (ca. 15 km km from the main square in Wadowice).


Bowling and billiard club
Bowling and billiards is a great idea not only for long winter evenings. In Stare Kino ul. Lwowska 14 bowling and billiard club has four lanes for bowling and four professional pool tables in this one dimension of 9 m. The billiard club is open from 6 pm to close. Detailed information at tel. +48 33 823 27 85, At bowling invites us also the Młyn Jacek Hotel&Spa, tel. +48 33 873 40 80, Jaroszowice 234, (ca. 5 km from the main square in Wadowice).

sherlock wadowice

Escape Room - Sherlock Wadowice
The participants of this game will be locked in a room for 60 minutes and their goal is the solution of a number of logic puzzles and find hidden clues and objects. To get the key and get out of the room, you need the flair and creativity, but above all, good relations in the team! The minimum age for participants 13. Young people can only enter with a guardian. Location: ul. Żwirki i Wigury 4, Wadowice. More information:

siłownia gryf

The gym and fitness centers
Your spare time you can also spend actively in the gym and fitness classes. The gym and fitness club - Gryf has about 70 training devices tel. +48 690 960 966,, ul. Polna, 34-100 Wadowice. Fitness classes also offer Ka-Relaks (wide range of aerobic classes, a club that promotes healthy lifestyle), tel. +48 502 339 102, ul. Krakowska 8, 34-100 Wadowice,, Impuls (dance studio and fitness), tel. +48 502 281 923, ul.Fabryczna 4, 34-100 Wadowice,, SWD Formma Gym (cross combat zone and fitness), tel. +48 732 727 825,ul. Wojska Polskiego 17, 34-100 Wadowice,, Emi Sport Center, tel. +48 519 022 262, Barwałd Górny 64, 34-130 Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, (ca. 11 km from the main square in Wadowice), and Intenso Studio Aktywnego Ruchu, tel. +48 698 386 914, ul. Zjednoczenia 53, 34-130 Kalwaria Zebrzydowska (ca. 13 km from the main square in Wadowice).

The outdoor gym
Sometimes it is worth to leave the home for longer. Especially if you have the opportunity to take advantage of the gym in the open air. In Wadowice they are located at boulevards over Skawa river  - Venice (next to The Venice restaurant and The Badura Hotel), at ul. Błonia (next to the bicycle route) and os. Kopernika 11 (at the Public School  no. 2). 

Travelling with children is sometimes a real expedition. Allow parents to regenerate and the kids to enjoy playgrounds in our town. They can be found in The Town Park (at Aleja Wolności), on the boulevards of the Skawa river– Venice (next to the restaurant The Venice and The Badura Hotel), on os. Kopernika (behind the former barracks 12 PP ul. Lwowska) and on estate XX- lecia (near the railway station and main bus station).

The rope parks
The rope parks is the perfect place to spend time not only for adults but also for children. Near Wadowice, there are two these places: one rope park which is a part of the complex Czarny Groń, tel. +48 33 50 65 100, Praciaki 91, 34-125 Rzyki, (ca. from the main square in Wadowice) and next rope park offered by The Radocza Park Hotel Active & Space, tel. +48 33 873 49 10, ul. Parkowa 1, 34-100 Radocza (ca. 8 km from the main square in Wadowice).


The ski station SKI Center Czarny Groń
The fans of winter sports will also find something for themselves in the area of Wadowice. In the complex hotel-tourist the Czarny Groń away from the center of Wadowice ca. 30 km there are 4 ski runs (with varying degrees of difficulty), ice skating rink and snow park. Contact: Tel. +48  33 870 16 30, Praciaki 91, 34-125 Rzyki,

A common trip with your friends? Paintball? It certainly succeeds! In the area of Wadowice paintball’s field  you can find Gorzeń Górny, tel. +48 515 945 183, (ca. 5 from the main square in Wadowice) and Radocza Park Hotel Active & Space, tel.+ 48 33 873 49 10, ul. Parkowa 1, 34-100 Radocza (ca. 8 km from the main square in Wadowice). 

Laser game in the basement of Stronghold in Inwałd in the climate of the Middle Ages is the attraction, which you will not find on any castle. The battlefield is a system of labyrinth of corridors with an area of 450 m2. The game can take part children from 7 years only under adult supervision or 12 years alone. Paintball Laser is the original place for occasional events - integration, stag nights, hen parties, birthdays. You can book exclusive - tel. 696 080 944.